Welcome to The Nth Element

We won’t bore you with words that make us sound brilliant (even though we are).

Instead, with all modesty aside, we will share two things that are truly important:

  1. Forget what you know or may have heard about conventional marketing communications agencies, because we do not fit the mold.
  2. Your business is in good hands.

How we work

The Nth Element is a boutique restaurant and hospitality agency in San Diego. We live and work by a code, one that allows us to remain creative, passionate and true to who we are. Our scope of services does not stop at pitching the media, but involves becoming an extension of the brand through our strategic partnerships and planning, brainstorming sessions, analyzing what worked and what didn’t, and most importantly, by having a ton of fun.

Meet the Team


Nicole Lazar, Owner & Missing Link

Nicole Lazar is the founder and president of The Nth Element. She is a self-proclaimed go-getter and respected professional in the industry. Her specialties range from launch strategies and media campaigns, to implementing new programs and gaining press for new and existing businesses. Specializing in the travel and restaurant industries, Nicole is an experienced and creative publicist with a proven track record. She has shown to be a devoted team member and valuable asset to her clients, having never lost a client since she started The Nth Element. Nicole’s clients are regularly featured in the top-notch media outlets such as USA Today, Esquire, SHAPE, People, the LA Times, in-flight magazines and more. She not only works to secure pieces that increase awareness around her clients, but beneficial and quality pieces that will ultimately increase traffic and revenue for her clients.